BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: College Basketball Week 8

Publisher David James had a huge week as he only missed out on a total of four games the entire week to move back into a first place tie with Brian Persky.
The Broncos went 2-1 this week, including wins at High Point and home against Mount St. Mary's. Western Michigan finishes up their non-conference schedule against a pre-season Top 10 team, at N.C. State. Here are the updated standings:
Brian - 113-43 (overall), 84-27 (MAC), 20-14 (WC), 10-2 (WMU)
David - 113-43 (overall), 81-30 (MAC), 22-12 (WC), 11-1 (WMU)
Brandon - 111-45 (overall), 80-31 (MAC), 23-11 (WC), 9-3 (WMU)
D.J. - 102-54 (overall), 76-35 (MAC), 18-16 (WC), 9-3 (WMU)
Sunday, December 23rd
Cleveland State at Akron
Brian: Akron
David: Akron
Brandon: Akron
DJ: Cleveland St.
IUPUI at Ball State
Brian: Ball St.
David: Ball St.
Brandon: Ball St.
DJ: Ball St.
Monday, December 24th
No games
Tuesday, December 25th
No games
Wednesday, December 26th
No games
Thursday, December 27th
Texas Southern at Akron
Brian: Akron
David: Akron
Brandon: Akron
DJ: Akron
Friday, December 28th
Siena Heights at Eastern Michigan
Brian: EMU
David: EMU
Brandon: EMU
Notre Dame (Coll.) at Buffalo
Brian: Buffalo
David: Buffalo
Brandon: Buffalo
DJ: Buffalo
Bowling Green at North Dakota
Brian: BGSU
David: BGSU
Brandon: BGSU
Saturday, December 29th
Central Michigan at #2 Michigan
Brian: Michigan
David: Michigan
Brandon: Michigan
DJ: Michigan
Illinois-Chicago at Toledo
Brian: UIC
David: UIC
Brandon: UIC
DJ: Toledo
UMass at Northern Illinois
Brian: UMass
David: UMass
Brandon: UMass
Ohio at Oklahoma
Brian: Ohio
David: Ohio
Brandon: Oklahoma
DJ: Oklahoma
Wild Card Matchups
#16 New Mexico at #11 Cincinnati
Brian: Cincinnati
David: Cincinnati
Brandon: Cincinnati
DJ: Cincinnati
#12 Missouri at UCLA
Brian: UCLA
David: Missouri
Brandon: Missouri
DJ: Missouri
Baylor at #14 Gonzaga
Brian: Gonzaga
David: Gonzaga
Brandon: Gonzaga
DJ: Gonzaga
Kentucky at #5 Louisville
Brian: Louisville
David: Louisville
Brandon: Louisville
DJ: Kentucky
#21 UNLV at #23 UNC
Brian: UNC
David: UNLV
Brandon: UNLV
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