BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: College Basketball Week 18

The Western Michigan Broncos (18-10, 9-5) split a pair of MAC West road games against the Toledo Rockets (13-13, 8-6) and the Eastern Michigan Eagles (14-15, 7-7). The Broncos need to win just one of their remaining home games against either Ball State on Tuesday or CMU on Saturday to clinch the West division title.
Hockey Analyst Brandon Fitzsimons kept his six game lead over the rest of the pack after correctly picking EMU and Louisville's big win at Syracuse. Below are the updated standings:
Brandon - 238-101 (overall), 160-55 (MAC), 57-39 (WC), 21-7 (WMU)
Brian - 232-107 (overall), 155-60 (MAC), 54-42 (WC), 23-5 (WMU)
David - 231-108 (overall), 154-61 (MAC), 56-40 (WC), 21-7 (WMU)
D.J. - 213-126 (overall), 145-70 (MAC), 48-48 (WC), 20-8 (WMU)
Sunday, March 3rd - Monday, March 4th
No games
Tuesday, March 5th
Miami at Akron
Brian: Akron
Brandon: Akron
David: Akron
D.J.: Akron
Ohio at Buffalo
Brian: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
David: Ohio
D.J.: Ohio
Eastern Michigan at Central Michigan
Brian: CMU
Brandon: EMU
David: CMU
Bowling Green at Kent State
Brian: Kent St.
Brandon: Kent St.
David: Kent St.
D.J.: Kent St.
Northern Illinois at Toledo
Brian: Toledo
Brandon: Toledo
David: Toledo
D.J.: Toledo
Wednesday, March 6th - Thursday, March 7th
No games
Friday, March 8th
Buffalo at Bowling Green
Brian: Buffalo
Brandon: BGSU
David: BGSU
Kent State at Akron
Brian: Akron
Brandon: Akron
David: Akron
D.J.: Akron
Saturday, March 9th
Northern Illinois at Ball State
Brian: Ball St.
Brandon: Ball St.
David: Ball St.
D.J.: Ball St.
Miami at Ohio
Brian: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
David: Ohio
DJ: Ohio
Toledo at Eastern Michigan
Brian: EMU
Brandon: Toledo
David: EMU
Wild Card Matchups
#9 Michigan St. at #4 Michigan
Brian: Michigan
Brandon: MSU
David: MSU
#3 Duke at North Carolina
Brian: UNC
Brandon: Duke
David: Duke
DJ: Duke
#12 Syracuse at #7 Georgetown
Brian: Syracuse
Brandon: G'town
David: G'town
DJ: G'town
#8 Florida at Kentucky
Brian: Kentucky
Brandon: Florida
David: Florida
DJ: Florida
#13 Kansas St. at #15 Oklahoma St.
Brian: Kansas St.
Brandon: OK St.
David: OK St.
DJ: Kansas St.
#25 Louisiana Tech at Denver
Brian: Denver
Brandon: LA Tech
David: LA Tech
DJ: LA Tech
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