BroncoBlitz picks MACsketball: Week 2

The 2013-2014 college basketball is back in full swing. With that comes the second installment of our weekly staff picks for Mid-American Conference teams, along with the occasional "Wild Card" games of the week.
It was the Ohio Bobcats and Western Michigan Broncos that likely turned the most heads in the MAC this past week, earning victories over Northern Iowa and New Mexico St. respectively. Below are the results after week one:
1) Brian Persky - Overall: 13-1, MAC: 11-0, Wild Card: 1-0, WMU: 1-1
2) David James - Overall: 10-4, MAC: 9-2, Wild Card: 1-0, WMU: 0-2
3) D.J. Duckett - Overall: 11-3, MAC: 10-1, Wild Card: 1-0, WMU: 0-2
Monday, November 11th
Kent State at Temple
Brian Persky: Temple
David James: Temple
D.J. Duckett: Temple
Akron at Saint Mary's
Brian Persky: Saint Mary's
David James: Saint Mary's
D.J. Duckett: Saint Mary's
Tuesday, November 12th
Concordia at EMU
Brian Persky: EMU
David James: EMU
D.J. Duckett: EMU
Taylor at Ball State
Brian Persky: Ball St.
David James: Ball St.
D.J. Duckett: Ball St.
Ohio at Ohio State
Brian Persky: Ohio St.
David James: Ohio St.
D.J. Duckett: Ohio St.
CMU at Bradley
Brian Persky: Bradley
David James: Bradley
D.J. Duckett: Bradley
Miami at Arizona State
Brian Persky: Arizona St.
David James: Arizona St.
D.J. Duckett: Arizona St.
Wednesday, November 13th
Buffalo at Niagara
Brian Persky: Buffalo
David James: Niagara
D.J. Duckett: Buffalo
Kent State at Seton Hall
Brian Persky: Seton Hall
David James: Seton Hall
D.J. Duckett: Seton Hall
Thursday, November 14th
Toledo at Boston College
Brian Persky: Boston College
David James: Boston College
D.J. Duckett: Boston College
Robert Morris at EMU
Brian Persky: Robert Morris
David James: Robert Morris
D.J. Duckett: Robert Morris
Friday, November 15th
South Florida at BGSU
Brian Persky: USF
David James: USF
D.J. Duckett: USF
James Madison at NIU
Brian Persky: NIU
David James: JMU
D.J. Duckett: NIU
Saturday, November 16th
Akron at Middle Tennessee St.
Brian Persky: Akron
David James: MTSU
D.J. Duckett: Akron
West Virginia Wesleyan at Buffalo
Brian Persky: Buffalo
David James: Buffalo
D.J. Duckett: Buffalo
Pepperdine at CMU
Brian Persky: CMU
David James: CMU
D.J. Duckett: CMU
San Jose St. at NIU
Brian Persky: NIU
David James: NIU
D.J. Duckett: NIU
Wild Cards
#2 Michigan State at #1 Kentucky
Brian Persky: Kentucky
David James: Kentucky
D.J. Duckett: Kentucky
#5 Kansas at #4 Duke
Brian Persky: Duke
David James: Duke
D.J. Duckett: Kansas
#10 Florida at #20 Wisconsin
Brian Persky: Florida
David James: Wisconsin
D.J. Duckett: Florida
#14 VCU at #24 Virginia
Brian Persky: VCU
David James: VCU
D.J. Duckett: VCU
#11 Ohio St. at #17 Marquette
Brian Persky: Ohio St.
David James: Marquette
D.J. Duckett: Ohio St.
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