BroncoBlitz picks MACsketball: Week 10

There wasn't much change after a week full of picking chalk from the staff. After nine weeks of college basketball, Brian has a fairly comfortable lead in the standings.
Week ten features the opening week of MAC play, as the Western Michigan Broncos (7-5) will be tested right out of the gates with the Toledo Rockets (12-1). Divisional rival Eastern Michigan has a couple of intriguing away games to begin the MAC slate as well. Below are the current standings:
1) Brian Persky Overall: 130-40, MAC: 103-27, Wild Card: 17-11, WMU: 10-2
2) David James Overall: 124-46, MAC: 100-30, Wild Card: 16-12, WMU: 8-4
3) D.J. Duckett Overall: 123-47, MAC: 97-33, Wild Card: 18-10, WMU: 8-4
Sunday, January 5th - Tuesday, January 7th
No games
Wednesday, January 8th
Akron at Ball State
Brian Persky: Akron
David James: Akron
D.J. Duckett: Akron
Eastern Michigan at Bowling Green
Brian Persky: EMU
David James: EMU
D.J. Duckett: EMU
Northern Illinois at Buffalo
Brian Persky: Buffalo
David James: Buffalo
D.J. Duckett: Buffalo
Miami at Central Michigan
Brian Persky: CMU
David James: CMU
D.J. Duckett: CMU
Ohio at Kent State
Brian Persky: Kent St.
David James: Kent St.
D.J. Duckett: Kent St.
Thursday, January 9th - Friday, January 10th
No games
Saturday, January 11th
Eastern Michigan at Buffalo
Brian Persky: Buffalo
David James: EMU
D.J. Duckett: Buffalo
Central Michigan at Toledo
Brian Persky: Toledo
David James: Toledo
D.J. Duckett: Toledo
Ball State at Kent State
Brian Persky: Kent St.
David James: Kent St.
D.J. Duckett: Kent St.
Wild Cards
#10 Oregon at #20 Colorado
Brian Persky: Colorado
David James: Colorado
D.J. Duckett: Colorado
#3 Ohio State at #5 Michigan State
Brian Persky: MSU
David James: MSU
D.J. Duckett: OSU
#9 Baylor at #13 Iowa State
Brian Persky: Iowa St.
David James: Iowa St.
D.J. Duckett: Iowa St.
#1 Arizona at UCLA
Brian Persky: Arizona
David James: Arizona
D.J. Duckett: Arizona
#18 Memphis at #14 Louisville
Brian Persky: Louisville
David James: Louisville
D.J. Duckett: Louisville
#19 North Carolina at #2 Syracuse
Brian Persky: Syracuse
David James: Syracuse
D.J. Duckett: Syracuse
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