Photo gallery and the fans sound off

Once again Gary Shook & Sons bring us a great gallery of photos, including some fisheye lens pictures that are really impressive. If you would like to order Bronco photos from Gary simply go to the Broncos official athletic page and click on photos.
Northwestern Game
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Fans Sound Off
Quoting Steve Hawkins "We had no choice, we had to put shots up. So David just came down and started to fire, and that's probably when he's best."
-- Steve Hawkins, WMU coach about David Kool, who scored eight points -- on two 3-pointers and two free throws -- in the final 21 seconds, but attempted just six shots before then.
I have not seen too many games in person, but why doesn't Kool take over more?...Kind of like watching a team struggle on offense in football but crank it up in the two minute drill.
Broncoblitz:I wonder that myself Bruin. DK is a special talent, and it clearly shows when he throws up 12 in the last 5 minutes of a game. The Bronco's are lucky to have David Kool, a player of his caliber doesn't come this way often. I'd like to see Dave get the Drew Nietzel green light. I think we'd see some special performances, and some big wins if that happened.
I was actually surprised they didn't try to get Ricks the ball for that last play. He is the quickest guy we got. Seemed logical for him to be the guy to get the ball up the court.
Broncoblitz: I don't know if the Broncos have the type of player who can go coast to coast in 4 seconds and get off a clean look. Regardless, WMU had no timeouts to get a look at NW's defensive set up, or to set their own play. Redell was probably their best chance, and he had fouled out.
I watched the game today on Bronco Insider and came away with these impressions:
1. Offense didn't have a clue vs. NW 1-3-1 trap. This, in my opinion got them back into the game. This is a damn high school defense that these coache's and kids have seen countless times.
2. RARELY did we have a hand in the face of an NW shooter. NW's picks were average at best and we didn't fight through them.
3. Why did the coaching staff wait SO--OOOOOOOOOO long to make adjustments? One time out should have solved the trap.
Frankly, as a ex-25 year high school basketball coach, I thought the team was poorly prepared for today's game. Now, I wasn't privy to what went on behind the scenes so I could easily stand corrected. However, from an observer's point of view only, we should have won the game going away.
Broncoblitz: While you may be correct in your analysis, the fact is if the Broncos hit a couple of open looks, make a few bunnies, or hit some missed free throws, we're probably not having this conversation. Perhaps Western could have won this game going away, but I'm guessing a 1 point win would have been enough to set the negative analysis aside for another day.
The Broncos take a week off for exams before heading to Indianapolis to face IUPUI. Game time is 7PM on December 15th.