BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: Final Standings

It was no doubt a fantastic regular season for the Western Michigan Broncos (19-11, 10-6) who were picked to finish third in the MAC West pre-season polls. It was also a good year of picking overall for the team, as the staff's overall winning percentage landed at .672, correctly picking just over one-third of this year's match-ups.
In the end, it was Hockey Analyst Brandon Fitzsimons who takes home the overall crown. And believe me (Brian) when I say he will never let me forget this. All I ask Brandon is that I have a chance for revenge in a hockey pick 'em next season. Below are the final standings:
Brandon - 250-107 (overall), 168-57 (MAC), 60-32 (WC), 22-8 (WMU)
David - 243-114 (overall), 162-63 (MAC), 59-43 (WC), 22-8 (WMU)
Brian - 243-114 (overall), 162-63 (MAC), 57-45 (WC), 24-6 (WMU)
D.J. - 223-134 (overall), 152-73 (MAC), 50-52 (WC), 21-9 (WMU)
Overall Champion
Brandon Fitzsimons: 250-107 (.700)
Overall Runner-Up
David James: 243-114 (.681)
MAC Picks Champion
Brandon Fitzsimons: 168-57 (.747)
Wild Card Picks Champion
Brandon Fitzsimons: 60-32 (.652)
WMU Picks Champion
Brian Persky: 24-6 (.800)
Upset Pick of the Year
D.J. Duckett: Western Michigan over South Florida (11/18/12)
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