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BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: College Basketball Week 6

For the first time all season, the leaderboard finally began to spread out a bit following some disparity in picks among the staff in week five. Basketball writer Brian Persky regained sole possession of first place after only missing out on 3 MAC games overall.
The Broncos lost a pair of very difficult road games this week against #3 Michigan and Illinois State. They, and many others, will have an extended break in play during week six as most schools prepare for final exams. Here are the updated standings:
Brian - 84-32 (overall), 67-21 (MAC), 10-10 (WC), 8-1 (WMU)
David - 82-34 (overall), 64-24 (MAC), 11-9 (WC), 8-1 (WMU)
Brandon - 81-35 (overall), 62-26 (MAC), 14-6 (WC), 6-3 (WMU)
D.J. - 74-42 (overall), 58-30 (MAC), 9-11 (WC), 8-1 (WMU)
Sunday, December 9th
Akron at #16 Creighton
Brian: Creighton
David: Creighton
Brandon: Creighton
DJ: Creighton
Kent State at Xavier
Brian: Xavier
David: Xavier
Brandon: Xavier
DJ: Xavier
Monday, December 10th - Friday, December 14th
No games
Saturday, December 15th
Akron at Detroit
Brian: Akron
David: Akron
Brandon: Akron
DJ: Detroit
Eastern Michigan at Illinois-Chicago
Brian: Illinois-Chicago
David: Illinois-Chicago
Brandon: Illinois-Chicago
DJ: Illinois-Chicago
Winthrop at Ohio
Brian: Ohio
David: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
DJ: Ohio
Ball State at South Dakota
Brian: Ball State
David: South Dakota
Brandon: Ball State
DJ: Ball State
Wild Card Matchups
#21 UNLV at California
Brian: UNLV
David: California
Brandon: UNLV
#1 Indiana at Butler
Brian: Indiana
David: Indiana
Brandon: Indiana
DJ: Indiana
#5 Louisville at Memphis
Brian: Louisville
David: Louisville
Brandon: Louisville
DJ: Louisville
#6 Florida at #8 Arizona
Brian: Florida
David: Florida
Brandon: Arizona
DJ: Florida
Purdue at #22 Notre Dame
Brian: Notre Dame
David: Notre Dame
Brandon: Notre Dame
DJ: Notre Dame
Mississippi State at Loyola (IL)
Brian: Loyola (IL)
David: Loyola (IL)
Brandon: Mississippi State
DJ: Loyola (IL)
Duquesne at Robert Morris
Brian: Robert Morris
David: Robert Morris
Brandon: Duquesne
DJ: Robert Morris
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