BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: College Basketball Week 5

Week four was nothing to write home about for the staff. However staff member Brandon Fitzsimons continued to make up ground as he correctly picked the Notre Dame over Kentucky upset, entering into a three-way tie with Brian Persky and David James for first place overall.
The Broncos won a pair of home games this week against High Point and Oakland, as staff member D.J. Duckett improved his perfect picking record for WMU games to 7-0. After week four, here are the standings:
David - 63-27 (overall), 51-18 (MAC), 7-8 (WC), 6-1 (WMU)
Brian - 63-27 (overall), 51-18 (MAC), 7-8 (WC), 6-1 (WMU)
Brandon - 63-27 (overall), 50-19 (MAC), 9-6 (WC), 5-2 (WMU)
D.J. - 60-30 (overall), 49-20 (MAC), 5-10 (WC), 7-0 (WMU)
Sunday, December 2nd
Middle Tennessee State at Akron
David: Akron
Brian: Akron
Brandon: Akron
DJ: Akron
Niagara at Central Michigan
David: Niagara
Brian: Central Michigan
Brandon: Central Michigan
DJ: Niagara
Monday, December 3rd
Eastern Michigan at #6 Syracuse
David: Syracuse
Brian: Syracuse
Brandon: Syracuse
DJ: Syracuse
Wright State at Bowling Green
David: Bowling Green
Brian: Bowling Green
Brandon: Wright State
DJ: Bowling Green
Tuesday, December 4th
Kent State at Bucknell
David: Bucknell
Brian: Bucknell
Brandon: Kent State
DJ: Bucknell
Wednesday, December 5th
Ohio at Memphis
David: Ohio
Brian: Memphis
Brandon: Memphis
DJ: Memphis
Holy Cross (IN) at Ball State
David: Ball State
Brian: Ball State
Brandon: Holy Cross
DJ: Holy Cross
Toledo at Detroit
David: Detroit
Brian: Detroit
Brandon: Detroit
DJ: Detroit
Buffalo at UW-Milwaukee
David: UW-Milwaukee
Brian: UW-Milwaukee
Brandon: Buffalo
DJ: UW-Milwaukee
SIU-Edwardsville at Northern Illinois
David: NIU
Brian: SIU-Edwardsville
Brandon: NIU
Miami at Evansville
David: Evansville
Brian: Evansville
Brandon: Miami
DJ: Miami
Thursday, December 6th
No games
Friday, December 7th
Northern Illinois at UW-Milwaukee
David: UW-Milwaukee
Brian: UW-Milwaukee
Brandon: UW-Milwaukee
DJ: UW-Milwaukee
Saturday, December 8th
South Dakota at Ball State
David: Ball State
Brian: Ball State
Brandon: South Dakota
DJ: South Dakota
Samford at Bowling Green
David: Bowling Green
Brian: Bowling Green
Brandon: Bowling Green
DJ: Samford
Oakland at Ohio
David: Ohio
Brian: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
DJ: Oakland
Purdue at Eastern Michigan
David: Purdue
Brian: Purdue
Brandon: Purdue
DJ: Purdue
Niagara at Buffalo
David: Niagara
Brian: Buffalo
Brandon: Niagara
DJ: Niagara
Toledo at Eastern Illinois
David: Eastern Illinois
Brian: Toledo
Brandon: Toledo
DJ: Eastern Illinois
Central Michigan at Charlotte
David: Charlotte
Brian: Charlotte
Brandon: Charlotte
DJ: Charlotte
Miami at Dayton
David: Dayton
Brian: Dayton
Brandon: Dayton
DJ: Dayton
Wild Card Matchups
#7 Florida at Florida State
David: Florida
Brian: Florida
Brandon: Florida
DJ: Florida
#19 Colorado at #10 Kansas
David: Kansas
Brian: Kansas
Brandon: Kansas
DJ: Kansas
#22 Illinois at #12 Gonzaga
David: Gonzaga
Brian: Gonzaga
Brandon: Illinois
DJ: Gonzaga
Valparaiso at #25 New Mexico
David: New Mexico
Brian: New Mexico
Brandon: New Mexico
DJ: New Mexico
#9 Arizona at Clemson
David: Arizona
Brian: Clemson
Brandon: Arizona
DJ: Arizona
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