BroncoBlitz Picks the MAC: College Basketball Week 4

Week three was the busiest week yet for #MACsketball, with nearly twice as many games on the slate as the previous two weeks combined. BroncoBlitz Hockey Analyst Brandon Fitzsimons made up the most ground this past week, doubling his overall win total after being the sole member of the staff to correctly pick Georgetown over UCLA, Central Michigan over Wright State, and Miami over William & Mary.
The Broncos are back in action this week against visitors High Point (Thursday) and Oakland (Saturday). Western Michigan hosts both games at University Arena. Staff predictions and analysis for each game will be posted later on in the week. After week three, here are the standings:
David - 47-19 (overall), 40-12 (MAC), 4-6 (WC), 3-1 (WMU)
Brian - 47-19 (overall), 39-13 (MAC), 5-5 (WC), 3-1 (WMU)
Brandon - 46-20 (overall), 38-14 (MAC), 5-5 (WC), 3-1 (WMU)
D.J. - 43-23 (overall), 36-16 (MAC), 3-7 (WC), 4-0 (WMU)
Sunday, November 25th
Ball State at #1 Indiana
David: Indiana
Brian: Indiana
Brandon: Indiana
DJ: Indiana
Monday, November 26th
No games
Tuesday, November 27th
Detroit at Bowling Green
David: Detroit
Brian: Detroit
Brandon: Detroit
DJ: Detroit
Illinois-Chicago at Northern Illinois
David: Illinois-Chicago
Brian: Illinois-Chicago
Brandon: Illinois-Chicago
DJ: Northern Illinois
Wednesday, November 28th
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi at Toledo
David: Toledo
Brian: Toledo
Brandon: Texas A&M-CC
DJ: Toledo
St. Bonaventure at Ohio
David: Ohio
Brian: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
DJ: Ohio
Cleveland State at Ball State
David: Ball St.
Brian: Ball St.
Brandon: Cleveland St.
DJ: Cleveland St.
Temple at Buffalo
David: Temple
Brian: Temple
Brandon: Temple
DJ: Temple
Bradley at Central Michigan
David: Bradley
Brian: Central Michigan
Brandon: Bradley
DJ: Bradley
Kent State at Youngstown State
David: Youngstown St.
Brian: Kent St.
Brandon: Kent St.
DJ: Youngstown St.
Thursday, November 29th
No games
Friday, November 30th
No games
Saturday, December 1st
Youngstown State at Bowling Green
David: Youngstown St.
Brian: Youngstown St.
Brandon: BGSU
DJ: Youngstown St.
Toledo at Cleveland State
David: Cleveland St.
Brian: Cleveland St.
Brandon: Cleveland St.
DJ: Cleveland St.
Ball State at Butler
David: Butler
Brian: Butler
Brandon: Butler
DJ: Butler
Buffalo at St. Bonaventure
David: St. Bonaventure
Brian: St. Bonaventure
Brandon: Buffalo
DJ: St. Bonaventure
Princeton at Kent State
David: Kent St.
Brian: Kent St.
Brandon: Princeton
DJ: Princeton
Ohio at Robert Morris
David: Ohio
Brian: Ohio
Brandon: Ohio
DJ: Ohio
Miami (OH) at IPFW
David: Miami
Brian: IPFW
Brandon: IPFW
Northern Illinois at Dayton
David: Dayton
Brian: Dayton
Brandon: Dayton
DJ: Dayton
Wild Card Matchups
#16 N.C. State at #4 Michigan (ACC/Big Ten Challenge)
David: N.C. State
Brian: Michigan
Brandon: N.C. State
DJ: Michigan
#9 North Carolina at #1 Indiana (ACC/Big Ten Challenge)
David: Indiana
Brian: Indiana
Brandon: Indiana
DJ: Indiana
#3 Ohio State at #5 Duke (ACC/Big Ten Challenge)
David: Duke
Brian: Ohio State
Brandon: Duke
DJ: Ohio State
#8 Kentucky at Notre Dame
David: Kentucky
Brian: Kentucky
Brandon: Notre Dame
DJ: Kentucky
#25 San Diego State at #11 UCLA
David: San Diego St.
Brian: UCLA
Brandon: San Diego St.
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