BroncoBlitz picks MACsketball: Week 5

After four weeks, the standings are still close. The MAC continues to pick up solid non-conference victories, as Ohio defeated Mercer (5-3) and Evansville (5-2), Kent State defeated Youngstown State (6-3), and Buffalo beat Robert Morris (3-5).
The Broncos finished the week 2-0 with wins against Oakland and Cornell. They improve to 5-2 overall, and get a small break before traveling on the road to face Northwestern, Missouri, and Drake in the coming weeks. Below are the results after week three:
1) Brian Persky Overall: 63-18, MAC: 52-12, Wild Card: 5-5, WMU: 6-1
2) David James Overall: 62-19, MAC: 53-11, Wild Card: 4-6, WMU: 4-3
3) D.J. Duckett Overall: 59-22, MAC: 49-15, Wild Card: 6-4, WMU: 4-3
Sunday, December 1st
Kennesaw State at Kent State
Brian Persky: Kent St.
David James: Kent St.
D.J. Duckett: Kent St.
Monday, December 2nd
Western Kentucky at Bowling Green
Brian Persky: WKU
David James: WKU
D.J. Duckett: WKU
Tuesday, December 3rd
#24 Massachusetts at Eastern Michigan
Brian Persky: UMass
David James: UMass
D.J. Duckett: UMass
IPFW at Miami
Brian Persky: IPFW
David James: Miami
D.J. Duckett: IPFW
Wednesday, December 4th
Bucknell at Kent State
Brian Persky: Kent St.
David James: Kent St.
D.J. Duckett: Kent St.
Detroit at Toledo
Brian Persky: Toledo
David James: Toledo
D.J. Duckett: Toledo
Valparaiso at Ball State
Brian Persky: Valpo
David James: Valpo
D.J. Duckett: Valpo
Thursday, December 5th
Dartmouth at Northern Illinois
Brian Persky: NIU
David James: NIU
D.J. Duckett: NIU
Friday, December 6th
No games
Saturday, December 7th
Bowling Green at Xavier
Brian Persky: Xavier
David James: Xavier
D.J. Duckett: Xavier
St. Bonaventure at Buffalo
Brian Persky: Buffalo
David James: Buffalo
D.J. Duckett: Buffalo
Akron at Cleveland State
Brian Persky: Cleveland St.
David James: Akron
D.J. Duckett: Cleveland St.
Eastern Michigan at Purdue
Brian Persky: Purdue
David James: Purdue
D.J. Duckett: Purdue
Miami at Evansville
Brian Persky: Evansville
David James: Evansville
D.J. Duckett: Evansville
Toledo at Robert Morris
Brian Persky: Toledo
David James: Robert Morris
D.J. Duckett: Toledo
Ohio at Oakland
Brian Persky: Ohio
David James: Ohio
D.J. Duckett: Ohio
Central Michigan at SIU-Edwardsville
Brian Persky: CMU
David James: CMU
D.J. Duckett: CMU
Wild Cards
#3 Kentucky at #18 Baylor
Brian Persky: Baylor
David James: Kentucky
D.J. Duckett: Kentucky
#15 Florida at #13 UConn
Brian Persky: UConn
David James: UConn
D.J. Duckett: UConn
#16 North Carolina at #1 Michigan State
Brian Persky: MSU
David James: MSU
D.J. Duckett: MSU
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