January 4, 2013

Warfield enjoys all-star game

Iowa commit Solomon Warfield played in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl last week, which gave him a chance to get to know some of the top players in the country and compete against them in practice every day. We caught up with the Ohio native to talk about the all-star experience, what he has heard from the Hawkeye coaching staff recently, and much more.

Q: What was the whole experience like for you last week going down to Houston and playing in the all-star game?

WARFIELD: It was awesome. I met all types of different guys, all of them going to Division I schools and playing different places, so it was good to go up against all of the competition out there.

Q: How did you feel you did in the week of practice and the game itself?

WARFIELD: I felt like I did pretty well. It was fun. I was probably one of the biggest defensive backs there, but all of those guys were pretty good. It wasn't as competitive as I thought it would be though.

Q: What do you mean?

WARFIELD: Just like it didn't feel like a real, real game like when you're playing in high school. Everybody was playing more to have fun.

Q: Did you end up starting at strong safety after moving around a little?

WARFIELD: Yeah. They told me I was going to play some corner, but I ended up playing strong safety in the game. It's all good.

Q: How did you do in the game?

WARFIELD: We lost by ten. I don't remember my stats, but I got in on a few tackles and had one pretty good hit. It was fun.

Q: Was there anything that really stood out to you as a highlight for the whole week?

WARFIELD: My highlight was just seeing how people from all different places have their own way of doing things. We were joking around about how we say stuff in Ohio and how different guys say stuff in California or Texas or Alabama. It's funny how we all have different ways of saying things and doing things, so that was my highlight of the week, just meeting different types of people.

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