February 28, 2012

Visit impresses Swain

Troup offensive/defensive lineman Maurice Swain is starting to get settled in with the recruiting process.

In the last few weeks, he has pulled in offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and South Florida, and those offers allow him to breath easy, and enjoy the process.

"I've gotten some good offers from some SEC schools and South Florida," said Swain. "I knew some offers would come, but it is nice to have them out of the way. I'm happy for those offers."

Not only has Swain grabbed three BCS offers in the last month, but he is also drawing interest from other big time SEC programs.

"I hear from Auburn and Georgia a lot," he said. "Both schools tell me they want me on the offensive or defensive lines, so they aren't real sure where the want me just yet, but I talk to both a good bit."

Those two schools were part of some confusion this weekend, as Swain was set to visit Auburn for their Junior Day, but decided on a change of plans on Saturday morning.

"One of our coaches here at Troup told me that some of our guys were going to Georgia, so I just said 'why not,'" said Swain. "I just decided to go there with Cortez (Leonard), Reuben (Foster), and Ricky (Frasier)."

According to the Troup lineman, he is glad he made the decision to visit the Classic City.

"Man, we had a lot of fun," said Swain. "It was a great trip. We got to see everything and go to the basketball game and all. It was cool to be there with my friends and just see the campus. We got to hang out with Amarlo Herrera and Corey Moore, and just had a really good time."

The trip also gave Swain a chance to spend some time with the Georgia coach that is recruiting him, John Lilly.

"I got a chance to talk with Coach Lilly," said Swain. "He is just a really good guy, and real laid back and all. He's easy to talk to and get to know and stuff."

UGA is holding it's V.I.D. Day on Saturday, and while Swain has been invited to the event, he isn't quite sure what he will do.

"I might go to the VID thing," said Swain. "I'm not sure. I might try to go see Auburn or something, but we will see. I want to go somewhere though."

As for his relationship with Georgia, he feels an offer could come at any time.

"I'm not sure if they are going to offer," he said. "But I feel like they will. I think they just want to figure out where they want me."

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